Uncovering relevancy in a redundant website

What we did

Interaction Design
Agile Delivery
Solution Architecture
User interface design
Javascript (ReactJS NodeJS)

The problem to solve

The Department of Health identified that the Doctor Connect website was difficult to navigate and find relevant information, resulting in a bounce rate of 50%.

Annex was engaged to improve the website, move it to the GovCMS SaaS platform, and meet the DTA's Digital Service Standard.

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How we solve it

Digging into the user research, analytics and feedback, the team quickly discovered that the Doctor Connect site was largely redundant and was being used almost exclusively for its interactive map feature, which makes it easier for Doctors to find the geographic location of a specific clinic.

The Department decided the best user experience would be to migrate the Doctor Connect website content, along with the interactive map into the main website which was already on GovCMS SaaS.

With our extensive knowledge of the GovCMS platform and React development, our team was able to re-develop and deliver the Doctor Connect app and integrate it into the health website without causing any issues to the locked-down govCMS platform, and the ongoing health website development team.