How do you create a collaborative digital tool?

What we did

Solution Architecture
Javascript (ReactJS NodeJS)
SharePoint Development
Interaction Design

The problem to solve

AMSA's existing National Environmental Maritime Operations (NEMO) system provides a platform for the recording and records management of all final official communications and decisions.

It does not, however, provide a space for the creation, collaboration and history of documentation generated during an incident. This type of work occurs on people's individual computers and emails making collaboration slow and tracking of decisions during and post-event extremely difficult as the information often remains on the individual's computers which is not available post event.

The purpose of this project was to develop a Digital collaboration solution for the incident response team where provisioning is simple, fast and electronic with appropriate security and access to both internal and external users, and helps track the decision process even post-event with the solution need to be compliant with relevant NAA policies for records management.

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How we solved it

Annex helped AMSA build an application using React and SharePoint to enable their teams to work across multiple platforms and devices (tablet, desktop, Android and Apple phones).

AMSA teams are located all around Australia and have to respond quickly and cohesively to search and rescue activities, and this application enables AMSA teams to effectively set up a collaboration space and record activities in a central auditable location.