A personalised customer portal

What we did

SiteCore Integration
Load time optimisation

The problem to solve

Annex has been working with Canberra’s most well known energy retailer to enhance their internal and external products/processes. As a part of this transformation ActewAGL identified that their Self Service Portal was in need of upgrading and improving, since existing service was running on an outdated version of Sitecore and JavaScript causing the platform to run very slowly.

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How we solved it

Annex worked with both ActewAGL and partners to develop an easily accessible web app to allow ActewAGL customers to administer their accounts, make payments and procure new services through the Self Service Platform. The app also features a “move” feature allowing customers to easily get their services connected and disconnected when moving to a new house.

The portal will allow ActewAGL staff to easily update and publish information through a content management backend.

Throughout our engagement Annex worked closely with ActewAGL developers to provide the team with tools and systems to deliver new features quicker than ever before, optimising the code and ensuring the whole platform has automated tests.

The outcome

Our work behind the scenes resulted not only in an upgraded platform, but the meticulous auditing of pages removed technical debt and optimised load times significantly to provide an improved user experience for ActewAGL customers.