Building a sustainable user interface

What we did

User interface design
Interaction Design
UX/UI Design
Design System

The problem to solve

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is charged with an important mission: To promote and improve gender equality in Australian workplaces. WGEA have seen an exponential increase in engagement and with this in mind, understand the importance of effectively delivering content and data to users in a way that is engaging, valuable, easy to comprehend and accessible, online.

WGEA sought the expertise of our Design team to improve the current user interface (UI) design for their website, to enhance their users’ experience whilst staying aligned to the equity of their brand.

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How we solved it

We conducted an initial evaluation of the existing user interface and uncovered a number of challenges that were hindering the overall user experience across usability, consistency, and accessibility.  

This detailed review allowed the design team to understand what was to be solved and create a consolidated suite of digital components aligned to the existing brand, and suitable for use across various platforms.

Our approach was to build foundational elements, components, and patterns as part of a design system that supports Drupal's existing patterns and mark-up and be implemented accurately and consistently by any development team in readiness for the site to be taken into Drupal 8/9.

It is a flexible framework that provides a set of design styles that can be replicated across the site to create a consistent, user-friendly, and accessible website. This system can be built upon iteratively as required and adapted and grow over time.

The outcome

The implementation of the new designs is part of an ongoing process of the website’s transformation. The developers are able to easily understand the expected site themes and build new components based on the design rules in place.

Once implemented the website will provide a more contemporary digital experience for visitors with clear navigational structures and patterns.