Creating consistent experiences

What we did

Interaction Design
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Solution Architecture

The problem to solve

With ActewAGL undergoing a digital transformation in order to stay competitive in the energy sector, they identified a need for all their digital marketing to promote consistency, clarity, and quality in all customer facing channels, including Evo Energy, ActewAGL and Icon Water.

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How we solved it

With their new app and website projects approved for redevelopment ActewAGL engaged Annex to deliver and document a Design System for the organisation.

We developed a system of highly reusable elements, which could be used to create more complex components across the digital streams. We built the design system with the following principles in mind.

  • Efficiency: Instead of repeatedly building similar components from scratch, Design Systems enable designers and developers to reuse components and thereby increase efficiency.
  • Consistency: Design Systems introduce a shared set of principles and rules to build components. It becomes much easier to create consistent experiences across different platforms.
  • Scale: Increased efficiency and consistency lead a company to build faster products at scale. The resulting design system is now available and being used for the ActewAGL development and design teams to guide and speed up the delivery of their ongoing retail and platform transformation.