What does service design allow you to achieve?

Service Design understands and shapes your service in context of your users, your business needs and objectives and broader service ecosystem. It’s key to understanding and defining a problem space and shaping the north star experience. Service design specialises in drawing out the connection between people, products, systems, and user environments in order to uncover new innovations and map the steps to delivering exceptional integrated user experiences.
What you will achieve with Annex
  • Stakeholder engagement that values bringing users and stakeholders into the design process 
  • Improved project alignment through a common understanding of the goals of users, the business drivers, and the end to end interdependencies of the service 
  • Targeted digital product and service solutions that fulfill real life needs and are fit for purpose 
  • More employee engagement through our collaborative, co-design approach that aims to share knowledge and skills
  • Improved product assurance through our user evidence-based approach to solving service problems
  • Tested product and service design solutions that are  feasible and viable for the business and desirable for users. 

How we do it

We take a holistic, journey-based approach to identifying and shaping meaningful outcomes across all touchpoints of a service provision. Solutions are grounded in evidence and balanced with technological feasibility and execution capability, ensuring real world outcomes for end users and the business.  

We design across horizons, ensuring your immediate user and business needs are met, while shaping a pipeline for future development. This ensures the service and product solution continues to evolve and scale to meet fluctuating user needs.

Our service design capability, combined with our Experience, Product and Interaction designers create tangible outcomes and integrated experiences for businesses and users.
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What we do