How experience design adds value

Good user experience takes into consideration how, when and why a customer should interact with your product. It ensures that when they do, the experience is simple, that it is usable and importantly, easy to understand. Our experience design process will help you identify the right problems, which we then solve with you through design, thorough testing and continuous iteration.
What you will achieve with Annex
  • A well designed interface that helps users easily accomplish the tasks they are there to do
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduction in user errors
  • Better business decisions through prototyping and iterative learning
  • Stronger alignment between business and user goals

How we do it

We work alongside you to ensure an open and inclusive process. Using a range of approaches and methods, we create artefacts that continually test assumptions and validate solutions. Depending on the phase of your project, we then translate the outcomes into high quality and sophisticated interface designs.
We'll provide:
  • Information architecture
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Usability testing
  • Inclusive and accessible design
  • User interface design
  • UI patterns and design systems
  • Reports and findings
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What we do