How does Delivery Management bring value to your project?

Delivery Management is key to ensuring teams and clients work together effectively and efficiently. Our Delivery Managers facilitate team collaboration, guide and enforce Agile processes, and act as the conduit between the client and development teams. They help the process run smoothly and help products get built and built well.

How we do it

The Annex Delivery Practice is a multi-disciplinary team composed of engagement leads, delivery managers, testers, client engagement professionals and business analysts. We bring together a diverse set of skills to deliver projects with expertise and passion.
We enable our teams to deliver tried and tested evidence-based solutions within an adaptive, supportive environment. We genuinely listen to our client's challenges and expectations, achieving measurable and successful business outcomes.
We bring a wealth of expertise managing projects via:
  • Project continuity and delivery engagement right from the onset of onboarding, through to design, technical build and deployment.
  • Facilitation and training in the Scrum framework, sprint ceremonies and Agile methodology
  • Agile training and support for our clients
  • Regular reviews of our approach for continual improvement and growth
  • Open and honest communication on a daily basis to optimise our relationships and manage expectations
  • Risk assessment to manage upcoming challenges and minimise disruption of work
  • Guiding and shaping value through collaboration between all stakeholders and our team
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