Department of Home Affairs

COVID-19 updates in your language

What we did

Solution Architecture
Drupal 8
Data Reporting
24/7 Hosting and Support
Multilingual Translation
Accessible WCAG AA Compliant

The problem to solve

With all the non-English speaking visa holders temporarily stuck in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs needed to quickly create and deploy a site that can easily publish information in over 64 languages.

How we solved

Using Drupal 8 and its multilingual capability, the team created a website that can automatically translate English content into over 64 languages using google translate, and also allow manual human translation to be published when they were made available.

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The outcome

Home Affairs can now instantly publish English content and translate it into over 64 languages with the click of a button. They can also consolidate content that was once published as downloadable PDF files into HTML and indexable content in any language the user decides.

This site is the first link on to get information in your language, and is currently getting over 200K sessions per month.